Contents are shown or removed unexpectedly after doing redaction

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Contents are shown or removed unexpectedly after doing redaction

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Dear PDFTron WebViewer Support Staff:

My name is Asahi Hayakawa comes from FUJIFILM SOFTWARE Co., Ltd, Japan.

We are developing an online proofing service using PDFTron SDK,
and we tried to use the redaction to hide the specified area of PDF files uploaded to our system.

However, for some PDF files, problem occurred when we did the user testing:

  1. The contents hided by the trim feature are shown unexpectedly when the trimmed picture is completely redacted

  2. The document with gradients defined as shading objects are removed after the redaction

For 1, I saw "Conforming readers that support redaction annotations shall provide a mechanism for applying content removal, and they shall remove all traces of the specified content. If a portion of an image is contained in a redaction region, that portion of the image data shall be destroyed; clipping or image masks shall not be used to hide that data. " is written in Redaction - PDFTron PDFNet SDK API Reference | Apryse Software Inc., so may I ask if your team have plan to improve this behavior in the future.

For 2, we inquiried this about 2 years ago in Webviewer redaction screen turned white and could you tell me how are the things going now.

Since we have to avoid these problems asap, it will be very helpful if you could give me some advice about

  • Is there an option can be set to redact the words only when doing the redaction

  • Is it possible to check the PDF only contains one picture

Please contract me if you need any further information.
Looking forward to your apply.

Thank you very much.

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Hello asahi.a.hayakawa,

Thank you for raising this! I was able to reproduce both issues with the file, I have raised them to development to review.

Thank you!

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Dear Tgordon:

I apologize or the urgency, but we need to do a report for this problem.
It will be appreciated if you could let us know how the things are going now.

Thank you very much!

Best regards
Asahi Hayakawa

Sorry for the urgency but please let me know the progress.
Thank you.

Thank you for your patience with this. This has been resolved and will be a part of the next major release of the SDK.

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Thank you.