Custom Webviewer fails to loadDocument with 8.12.0

WebViewer Version: v8.12.0

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All files I have tested fail

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Custom Webviewer fails to loadDocument with 8.12.0

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Calling documentViewer.loadDocument() triggers this error:
Uncaught Error: Argument NaN in Document.getPageInfo must be a function

We have a custom webviewer in an Ember.js application that breaks when loading a document after updating from v8.11.0 to v.8.12.0

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Steps to install dependencies and run the application are in

Hi breckas,

I will be investigating this issue and will inform you on my results shortly.


Hi breckas,

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue with your repository.

Could you provide additional repro steps?


Are you on the 8.12.0 branch? The main branch is still on 8.11.0 and was originally put together to troubleshoot an unrelated issue.

Hi Will,

Did you happen to try the other branch? I verified that it does reproduce the original issue.

Thank you for your help on this matter.

  • Ben

Submitted a related ticket where the same issue is occurring when attempting to update to v10.0.0.