Enable thumbRotateCounterClockwise tool in Thumbnail

WebViewer Version: latest

Not sure whether this tool, thumbRotateCounterClockwise, is available, but I tried, and it didn’t show up.
Is it available to enable?

path: ‘…/…/js/WebViewer/lib’, // path to the PDFTron ‘lib’ folder on your server
licenseKey: ‘Insert commercial license key here after purchase’,
}, document.getElementById(‘viewer’))
.then(instance => {

//this succesfully disable tools


//this is what I tried to enable the desired tool


Hello mark.gosine,

thumbRotateCounterClockwise is not an annotation tool, rather a button in the thumbnail panel. Is it not visible in the thumb nail panel?

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer

I see that the preview of my submission did not save all my comments but cut it off.
I’ve added the rest with the sample code snippet and image to help understand what I am trying to accomplish.

Hello mark.gosine,

You can add the rotate counter clockwise with: PDFTron WebViewer Interface: ThumbnailControlMenu

            title: 'rotate counter clockwise',
            img: 'data:image/png;base64,...',
            onClick: (selectedPageNumbers) => {
              instance.Core.documentViewer.getDocument().rotatePages(selectedPageNumbers, calculatedNewRotation)
            dataElement: 'rotateCounterClockwise',

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer