Excel , pdf files are not opening in webviewer

In webviewer some files i.e pdf excel files are not opening. Previously it was working fine. Now only loading is happening and files are not opening at all.
sometime same file are opening, sometime it s not opening . It is behaving different in different machine.
I checked with different machine. Please help me out.

Hi Roshni
Thanks for contacting us for support.
To better assist you, could you please providing some sample documents with the issue?
Also you mention that in previous version it works fine but not the version you are currently using. Could you please provide the version that works fine also the current webviewer version is does not work?
Also for the different machine. Is it related to different os system?



Different Machine i have with tested with different machine but OS is same for all machine. But sometime some files is opening and sometimes its only showing loading symbol. Please check the screenshots.
Previously we were using version 5 of web viewer. Now we upgraded with web viewer version 8.

Different error comes when trying to open same files.
Please help me out. Do we need to update anything?

Hi Roshni
There should be huge update from 5 to 8. Did you do some customization from your end?
Can we know can you reproduce it from our demo site? Is there any sample file you could provide?


Hi Jack,

Thank you for your response. Yes we did all configuration changes needed for version 8 and it is working as well. We are getting issue(files not loading in viewer) recently. Its approx 1 year we updated the version and its working proper. Now a days only we are facing issue for file not opening.
Please find some sample files. I shared normal pdf and excel which i uploaded and trying to open in viewer.
Test Contarct.docx (11.9 KB)
Test Contarct.pdf (31.4 KB)

Hi Roshni

I tried to open these files from our latest 8.10. They both works fine.
Can I know what version is good, and what version is broken from your end?
Are you able to reproduce the issue using one of the sample projects in our SDK?
Or does this only occur in your own project? If so, we would need access, or related code snippets.