iOS Dynamic library size



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Currently, we are adding PDFTron Manually in iOS Project, The size of the code base increases drastically.

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Current PDFTron Library size for dynamic Framework( We are usig it for M1 Mac Machine):
PDFNet.framework → 316 MB
Tool.framework → 56.6 MB

Reason for using Dynamic Framework for supporting M1 Mac Machine, So we cannot use Static Framework.

Is there any compressed Lib or framework we can use in our project?

Hi @saikat.guchhait,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this.
Just to clarify, are you concerned about the size of your app?

We have an info page regarding that available here:

Please note that the page is slightly out of date in that the number of architectures included is now more than 4 but the overall concept is the same.

Does that clarify things or do you have further concerns or questions regarding this?