PDFViewer WPF not showing mouseover appearance for redaction annotations

Pdfnet 10.6 .Net framework WPF

I am trying to add redaction annotation to a pdf loaded in the WPF pdfviewer.

While the redaction annotations are shown with a red border and transparent background, the is no mouseover change in appearrance. Loading the same pdf in Acrobat Reader does indeed result in a black or white background.

Also the overlay-text is not shown with the redaction annotation niether in pdfnet’s pdfviewer or in acrobat. However, in Acrobat Reader I can right-click into the properties of the annotation and just click “Ok” and then the overlay-text appears correctly in Acrobat Reader.

This was testet also in the PDFViewWPFTest-sample from the sdk-zip-file.
with this pdf-file: - Bilag - 825_ocr.pdf (1.2 MB)

Any advice?

Basically I would expect same behaivour in the webviewer and WPF-viewer for redaction annotations while mouse-over. Maybe I am just missing a setting.

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