Semantic Text Compare - appendTextDiffDoc is getting undefined

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Hi All,

I am able to compare two pdf document.

When i tried to compare two pdf documents’ text using appendTextDiffDoc,
When I try to load the appendTextDiffDoc, I get an undefined

Same code work fine for compare document.

Can you please help me out to find out i am missing any thing in the code ?
Uploaded comparetextconfig.js file
comparetextconfig.js (7.0 KB)

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Hello Team,

Can you please help me resolve this issue ?

Thanks & Regards


I’m investigating this issue and I’ll update you about my finding as soon as possible.

Hi Isakov,

Let me know if you require more information to reproduce the issue.
or else we can connect, so I can reproduce the issue in our project.

You attached “comparetextconfig.js” as a JavaScript file and it should be attached as plain text (.txt file) or zip, the current attachment is not accessible. Would you be able to send javascript file as text with .txt extension?

Hello Isakov,

PFA of textcompare.txt file
textcompare.txt (7.2 KB)

Please help me to resolve this issue.
Can we have call regrading this issue ?


Here is a full sample of how to compare the text content of two PDF documents API

We had a call about this issue and we did reproduce this issue. As a next step, I will investigate the text comparison in the Salesforce environment and discuss this issue with our Salesforce developers. I will update you about our findings as soon as possible.

This API appendTextDiffDoc is a new API and it will work only in the latest version of WebViewer. Make sure that you are using a newer version of WebViewer.