Starting to see segfaults again from OfficeToPDF

Product: PDFNetRuby

Product Version: 10.7.0

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Same issue as before:

I have a couple files this time. Just let me know when and I’ll send them to your support email as before.

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Same as before. You can look up the previous topics I’ve created, as well as past support tickets in your system.

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See above.

Hello James,
I’ll be happy to help. Can you either attach your files here or email them to support@apryse.come and I will take a look.

Your previous posts has the code sample:

# frozen_string_literal: true

require '/usr/local/PDFNetC/Lib/PDFNetRuby'


filepath = ARGV.first
doc =
PDFNetRuby::Convert.OfficeToPDF(doc, filepath, nil)

Is this still correct?

Hey Bruce. Yes that code sample is still correct. I just sent over some files to and mentioned your name as well as a link to this topic.


I did not receive your files for testing. I have emailed you a OneDrive link, can you upload your samples there to make sure I get them.

Hey Bruce. Please refer to ticket 75475 in your system. I can see the files there.

It looks like @ashaikh transfered that to the web viewer team for some reason. I also just got a notification that the ticket was also closed. Please reopen the ticket until this issue is actually resolved.

Furthermore, I did not receive any email with a OneDrive link today. Perhaps you sent the email to the wrong address? Either way, it looks like the files are available in your ticket system so please use look there.


I apologize for the confusion James. I have your files and am reviewing them. Thank you for your patience with this.