Yet another issue with segfaults when calling OfficeToPDF

Product: PDFNetRuby

Product Version: v10.3.0 and the nightly from PDFNetC64_2023-08-11_stable.tar.gz

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This is getting ridiculous. Same as the last few topics and support tickets I’ve been opening for the past two months now. This time I think I’ve narrowed it down to a mail merge field. But it’s only when the field is in the page footer.

Let me know when and I’ll send the test file to the support email as before.

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Same as before. You can look up the previous topics I’ve created, as well as past support tickets in your system.

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See above.

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Hello James,

I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. As before, can you please share the office file with us by emailing it to ?

Thank you.

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Hi Shakthi. I just sent the file to Thanks.

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Thanks James. We will continue this discussion on the ticket itself.

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