What Nuget packages does PDFTron have for servers?

Note that PDFTron has other Nuget packages for other products, such as Android and Windows Mobile UWP. This post is just about desktop and server packages.

Linux/macOS/Windows .NET Core 2.1+ 64bit applications

This is the primary package going forward, and will work on Linux/macOS/Windows and will support the current .NET runtimes such as netstandard2.1 and net6.0.

Windows .NET Framework 4.5.1+ 32bit and 64bit applications. If you only need 64bit binary then see package below.

Windows .NET Framework 4.5.1+ 64bit applications.

Since this package only targets 64bit then there is no need for PDFNetLoader.dll to select between 32bit or 64bit PDFNet.dlls are runtime, so this is a smaller/simpler package than the PDFNet one above.

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